About Us

Vintrendi Wine Company evolved from its predecessor company, Vanguard Beverage. Vanguard Beverage was a boutique wine and spirits distribution company that operated in the Chicago area from 2010 to late 2013.   It was a small company started by an adult beverage industry professional that decided to fill a void in the wine business.  While working in sales for the area’s major liquor distributors, our founder realized that consumers were often confused when they began to explore the vast world of wine.


To change that situation, he started a boutique wine and spirits distribution company.  With the help of other industry friends, they established themselves as the small company with a select portfolio of great tasting, easy to drink and approachable wines.   While the wines they selected were enjoyed by consumers; they were never exactly what they wanted to present to the marketplace. Since their portfolio of wines were someone else’s creations, they decided to produce wines of their own design.


In time,  they developed wine brands of their own under the trade names of Diva Vineyards and Vintrendi Wines. The wines were designed to give the consumers what they had been asking for but not getting from other beverage producers. One wine type in particular, Caramel Apple Wine by Vintrendi was a big hit among dessert wine drinkers.  It was a wine made to capture the essence of the Fall and Winter season.  They took real apple wine and added a proprietary caramel infusion in order to create a new trend in wine making.  It was certainly the first wine of its kind and it was made possible by having creative control over its development process.


From that point, it was decided that all of the wines they would sell would be wines that they created from start to finish.  While working with established winery partners, they learned many wine making techniques.  Fast forward to a few years later, the Vintrendi Wine Company was established for your drinking pleasure.


Since our opening date in Fall 2017, Vintrendi has expanded seven-fold and now offers a tasting room and lounge for our patrons to enjoy our wines and occassional entertainment. Our organization holds the honor of being the first licensed, Black-Owned and Operated Winery in the  State of Illinois. Vintrendi Wine Company has also been inducted into the Illinois Made Program  by the Illinois Department of Tourism based on our unique, hand-crafted wine offerings.

We are proud to make exceptional wines and  make them available  directly at the winery and  select retail stores around the metropolitan Chicagoland area. As an added bonus, we offer wine by mail-order across the United States. We hope to be your choice of beverage for all of your celebratory needs in the future as we attempt to re-define wine… for the culture.

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