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Dry/ Semi-sweet Wine Club

3 bottles (mix and match) each month for $30+tax.

Members can purchase these wines at this rate throughout entire month as long as membership is active.




Sweet Wine Club

2 bottles (mix and match) each month for $25+tax. Pricing is only available monthly via wine club or feature pricing.



Click here to download the Vintrendi Member's Only Wine Club Form

Please complete the form and return it to



Membership Benefits


•Choose wines in your membership package monthly

•Every odd number month you receive a half bottle of a

    pre-release wine for your review!

•Complimentary birthday gift

•10% off on admission to events (ex. paint & sips/ knit & sips)

•10% off select in-store merchandise

•10% off on special venue rentals

•20% off on delivery charges


You can cancel at any time prior to your billing date.


Please note:

*Once monthly fee has been charged, it can not be refunded

*Monthly charges will occur every month on the date you choose. We do not pro-rate your membership.

*Delivery charges and out-of-state FedEx shipping to authorized destinations will be billed separately. If you choose to have your wine delivered or shipped elsewhere for the month, you must contact us by text or email to arrange logistics.

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